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It’s February 6th and I have yet to ride my bike this year.   Quite the drought here for miles.

Strange part is I’m not missing it that much either.

New job is keeping me busy, but that’s not really why I’m not riding.

Guess I just need a break for a bit.




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One Streak is Over, One Still Continues

My good friend Bill, who is a MACHINE when it comes to cycling, ended his 46-day streak yesterday.   There comes a time as a cyclist (and an athlete) and as a HUMAN BEING where you have to listen to your body.   As you grow older this becomes even more so the case.   To ignore signals your body is sending you is to risk injury.   And seriously?   Who wants to do that?

Bill texted me last night that his streak is over.    I still applaud his 46 days.   He covered more miles in his 46 day streak than I did in my 104-day current streak.

Mileage is not the goal this year.  Same with Bill.   Just being on the bike is the goal.   We are both definitely meeting that.

Kudos Bill.    Now, start another streak!  🙂

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78 Days Now

78Got out this morning for a short ride.   The heat today is going to be a “barn-burner” as they like to say here in the south.  It’s as “humid as Houston” even if the morning mercury says “75”.    Hot hot hot today.

Today’s ride put me over 100 miles for the month, 800 miles for the year, and 22 days away from 100 days of straight riding.



I Guess I’m a Badass Then… (Rule #9 Says So)

badassWeather, Schmeather! “It’s only water” is my usual reply to people when they see me coming in from a rainy ride. Cold weather? Yeah, done that too. I’ve ridden to work in 8 degree weather. “It’s only cold when your first start…”

Call me a badass… I’ll ride in ANYTHING!

I did a 222-mile one day ride in 105 degree heat.

“It was a dry heat” as I like to brag when I tell that story… (it was NOT a dry heat! Humid as hell… Heat indexes near 115 degrees…. DANGEROUSLY hot…)

This morning marks 31 days STRAIGHT riding here. Gonna see how long I can go before I miss a day….


A Good Month

The biking is going really well. Averaging about 100 miles a month. This month is even better. I’m at 112 miles so far. I have ridden 26 days in a row. Short rides, but rides nonetheless.

Enjoying the bike. The miles are adding up. I’m 48 miles shy of my 2013 total for the entire year. 163 miles shy of my 2014 total… I’m glad to see my worst year of cycling behind me. This will be one of my better years.