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Lunch Time Rides, Here I Come

Dog days of August here in the Carolinas.   Hot, humid, and Hazy…. the 3 H’s.   What better time than now to start getting into shape to tackle my 1,000 mile 50th bday challenge?

Lunch time rides are going to be my saving grace here.  I can easily get out and do a 10-12 mile route here to help those miles add up.

Today will be a 10-miler.    All on the roads.   I’m looking forward to it.    I need the exercise.


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New job is going great.   Learning so much.   Working a lot and it feels good to be productive again.

It’s a very healthy office too.   So many of my coworkers either go jogging at lunch or go for long walks. It has really inspired me to get back on my bike and utilize my lunch hour.

So, I have been going out on 10-mile lunch time bike rides. The course I take is a hilly challenge. I really like it.

Sure, I’d love to ride a flat 10 miles, but what good does that do? The route I take definitely pushes me.

I even have a coworker joining me now on the rides.

Life is good.