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Not feeling it this year.   At least not yet.   Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get a “last half of the year” surge going here starting next week.

I’m not holding my breath.

I need to find my passion for cycling again.

In the meantime, my bike sits idle.


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Breaking Mileage Records

As a cyclist, I’m fascinated with numbers.  Always have been.   How fast am I going?   How far have I ridden?  What’s my average?   What’s my weekly/monthly/yearly mileage looking like?

You get the point.

This year I’m trying to relax a bit and NOT worry about numbers, speed, averages, and totals.    For the most part, I’m doing alright with it all.   A small part of me though still gets excited everyday when I get to log my mileage into my spreadsheet.

Looking at my totals (yearly) this morning, I notice I am 30 miles shy of passing  my  mileage for all of 2010.   Another record broken.   I’m glad I’m back on the bike this year.   I’m on pace to ride between 1,200 – 1,500 miles this year.

Below is my yearly total (since 2007) in descending order from BEST year to NOT SO BEST year…

2011:  3,727 miles
2012:  2,209 miles
2008:  1,737 miles
2007:  977 miles*  (only accounts for Sept-Dec of 2007)
2009:  892 miles
2010:  854 miles
2015:  825 miles (with 5 months still to ride)
2014:  693 miles
2013:  578 miles

So, it looks as if my ending yearly total will put me in 4th place in this list, if I keep up my pace.  One day I would love to top my 2011 total, but I’m not a Spring chicken anymore and I remember how much I rode that year.   I averaged over 10 miles a day for the entire year back then.   That was a lot of riding.

I am happy where I am for this year.   Right in the middle of records

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Thick of Summer Here

Hoo-doggie!  It is HOT out here in these parts these days.   Humidity is sky high and the afternoon temps are flirting right around the 100 degree mark on the ol’ thermometer.

Perfect weather for bike riding….  NOT.

“I’d rather sweat than freeze” always comes to mind on days like this.   My good friend Bill, who I have ridden THOUSANDS of miles with over the years loves to say that…   It’s very true though.   Just not sure I want to sweat AS MUCH AS I AM right now in the afternoons.

Today marks day #69 of consecutive rides.   No end in sight.  Shooting for 100 days and then I’ll set a new goal.

This weekend I’m going over to an old Elementary school friend of mine.   We’ve been friends for close to 40 years.   Gonna hang out with him and enjoy some ICE COLD beers to combat the DESERT like weather we’ve been having.   Oh, and of course I’ll sneak in a bike ride before the drinking commences.  🙂

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July Already?

2015 is flying by.  Half way done.  Crazy.

Started out the month with a nice ride.  The weather has cooled here since the storms rolled through last night.   Still a bit muggy, but it’s in the high 60’s at least.

61 days straight of riding.   Hard to believe the last day I didn’t ride my bike at all was on May 1st.   The longest I have gone this year w/o riding was 3 days back in February.

Off for a “day-cation” with the kids today.   Can’t wait!  Heading out to “Sliding Rock” in western NC.

Watch this YouTube video…. This place is so much fun. Kids and I LOVE it!

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Shin-High Corn and 2 Jackasses

How’s that for a title? : ) Drew you right in, I bet?

I was out riding the other day and these are 2 things I came across on the country road I was cycling on.

The cornfields are starting to grow. Before long, I’ll be riding along 6-foot tall stalks as far as the eye can see. MILES of cornfields here in NC. It’s a gorgeous site.

As I was about a mile from my house, I was passing a farm with a wooded entrance. I heard some rustling in the brush that definitely did NOT sound like small squirrels, or even deer. Nope… 2 good sized donkeys were having fun looking like they broke loose from their pen. I had to double check to make sure I saw what I saw… They 2 donkeys actually started chasing me. Crazy. I remember a few years back passing a 1-ton BULL out in the middle of the road…

I love seeing what I see on my rides. You don’t see this stuff in the city.

For sure.