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73 Miles Down… 923 To Go

Slowly working my way to 1,000 miles here.   Only 923 to go!   🙂

I got out for an 11-mile ride today at lunch.   Heat index was 106.  I believe it too.

I’m looking forward to cooler weather.

Until tomorrow…


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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things regarding cycling.    It’s been a good 2 years since I stopped cycling.   Pretty much cold turkey.   I was burned out.   I had a new motorcycle that was WAY MORE FUN to ride.   I still enjoy a day out on the motorcycle.

I’ve been on a recent resurgence of a health kick.    Went somewhat vegan (no meat, no dairy)…. still eating egg whites.    I’ve dropped 17lbs in 6 weeks.   I’m happy.  I feel good.    So now it’s time to up the exercise again.    Hence the new bike.

Combined with the new diet/lifestyle, I know I can drop even more weight.   I haven’t been this light in a long time.   I have 20 lbs more I’d like to lose.    Time will tell.

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Lunch Time Rides, Here I Come

Dog days of August here in the Carolinas.   Hot, humid, and Hazy…. the 3 H’s.   What better time than now to start getting into shape to tackle my 1,000 mile 50th bday challenge?

Lunch time rides are going to be my saving grace here.  I can easily get out and do a 10-12 mile route here to help those miles add up.

Today will be a 10-miler.    All on the roads.   I’m looking forward to it.    I need the exercise.

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Here Comes Another Milestone

This time, about 10 years ago I was nearing my 40th birthday.   I was out of shape and all around not too healthy.  I made a decision that starting on Sept. 13th (my “half” birthday) that I was going to ride 1,000 miles before my 40th bday.

And I did.  I really did!    I actually rode 1,436 miles in those 6 months.   Over the next 8 years I amassed over 13,000 miles on my 2 bikes.   I really got back into cycling with a vengeance.

So, here I am staring down 50 years on the Blue Marble here.    The past 2 years I haven’t really ridden at all.    I’m actually lighter now than I have been in over 9 years.  Better diet and my high level of activity is why this has happened.

I miss cycling though.   The quietness of it.   Feeling the breeze on my face.

I am going to make myself the same challenge I made to myself 10 years ago.     I will ride 1,000 miles (starting on Sept 13th) before I turn 50 on March 13, 2018

I am currently shopping for a new bike.   My steadfast GT Timberline, while STILL a great bike, is just beating up my body too badly.   My shoulders, elbows, wrist just ache every time I ride it.    It’s a hardtail bike (no shocks whatsoever), so I need to change that.    I’m going to head out today at lunch and do some “shopping” for a bike.    I’m excited about that.

So, stay tuned here.   I’m back!   🙂

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New job is going great.   Learning so much.   Working a lot and it feels good to be productive again.

It’s a very healthy office too.   So many of my coworkers either go jogging at lunch or go for long walks. It has really inspired me to get back on my bike and utilize my lunch hour.

So, I have been going out on 10-mile lunch time bike rides. The course I take is a hilly challenge. I really like it.

Sure, I’d love to ride a flat 10 miles, but what good does that do? The route I take definitely pushes me.

I even have a coworker joining me now on the rides.

Life is good.

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Freezing Temps & a New Job

Not riding much yet this year.   And by “much” I mean “any.”   Zero miles so far.

Still haven’t decided what my goals for this year will be.   New job is going to keep me plenty busy.  Not a bad thing at all.   I came from a job where I had WAY TOO MUCH down time.  I don’t do well with idle time.

It’s also 22 degrees out this morning.  Windchill is down in the lower-teens.

Those of you that know me know I don’t do WIND, let alone “winter” wind.   Nope!   I’ll pass.

So that is where I stand.   New job is going really well.   Knee deep in work and loving it.