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My new “baby.”   A TREK X-Caliber 7.    My first ever bike with front suspension… (yes, my old bike was a dinosaur.)    I took her out for a ride.   Hit some trails too.   It feels good to be back in the saddle.   Here are a few pics….


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Oh Yeah… I Have a Cycling Blog

Not doing too much cycling these days.    39 miles to my name so far this year…   and that’s only been 4 rides.    I’m hoping the 2nd half of 2017 sparks in me some kinda fire like it did back in 2007…

I turn 50 next March.   Maybe I should do the “I’m gonna ride 1,000 miles”  the 6 months prior to that?

I did a 7-mile ride today at lunchtime.   The last 6.5 nearly killed me.   LOL.


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One For The Books…. 2016

Worse year on the bike since I started tracking my miles back in 2007.   I barely rode over 100 miles this year.

With 2017 around the corner, I can only improve.   I want to start riding back into work, regardless of short or long distances.   I’m in charge of making it happen.

Here’s to a horrific 2016.    2017 will be better.

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New job is going great.   Learning so much.   Working a lot and it feels good to be productive again.

It’s a very healthy office too.   So many of my coworkers either go jogging at lunch or go for long walks. It has really inspired me to get back on my bike and utilize my lunch hour.

So, I have been going out on 10-mile lunch time bike rides. The course I take is a hilly challenge. I really like it.

Sure, I’d love to ride a flat 10 miles, but what good does that do? The route I take definitely pushes me.

I even have a coworker joining me now on the rides.

Life is good.

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The Drought is OVER

I finally got on my bike this year…   2 rides this week!  A 5-mile warm-up ride on Thursday, followed by a 10-mile ride yesterday.    I think the last time I rode was back in December of last year.

Legs felt great.  Cardio was even ok.  I wasn’t riding to set the world on fire.   Just a decent clip both days.

I’m excited to be back on the bike.    Now I can start racking up the miles here for 2016.


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Pie Day

March 14th and not a ride to my name here.   Feels weird.   Not sure what’s keeping me off my bike.   I need a break maybe?   🙂

Someday soon I’ll be back on it.  I have a job now where at work I can ride at lunch and shower before heading back to work.   I need to take advantage of that.