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Winter Time is Coming


Cold rides.  REALLY cold rides.  NOT my cup of tea.   If it weren’t for the “streak” that I’m doing right now, I wouldn’t be on my bike this time of year.    That being said, I rode yesterday in 29 degree weather.
randyI was bundled up like Ralphie’s kid brother, Randy from “A Christmas Story.”   Short ride, but a ride nonetheless.

IMG_2180Today is day 220 of the streak and while I initially said I was gonna pull the plug as soon as I hit 222 days (to match my tattoo), part of me wants to keep going.

I need to stay on the bike.  I have a motorcycle now and I was always fearful that once I got it, my cycling would stop.   I need to make sure that doesn’t happen.   🙂

So, we’ll see.   Wednesday is day 222.   ray


2 thoughts on “Winter Time is Coming

  1. 2 days to go? That’s crazy! You are gonna make it 🙂

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