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206 Days…


rhThe streak is still going.   I really want to hit 222 days.   This past weekend was almost the end of the streak.   I was on a weekend get away with my girlfriend and we were out in the mountains of western North Carolina.   HILLS…   Not even hills…  CLIFFS.

Sneaking in a ride on Saturday was a challenge.   Had I already hit 222 days I would’ve pulled the plug.   My legs were tired from all the hiking and trails we had done by then.

But I soldiered on.   My GF even rode with me.   Oh, and it was COLD out.   I hate COLD weather.   Hate hills too.    I was 0 for 2 that day.

But I rode.   Got home late Sunday and rode.

I’m on vacation all week here.   Rode this morning, making it 206 days straight of being on the bike.

I’m leaving here tomorrow to see family in MD.   Bike is already strapped to the car.

Watch out 222…. here I come


2 thoughts on “206 Days…

  1. I am going to have to find a way to sneak in a ride tomorrow, I am caretaking for an elderly couple so if I want to get out of the house I need to have someone replace me for a bit. I am glad you overcame your own obstacles to ride the hills in the cold 😉

  2. Oh, I found the FLATTEST part of town and rode there. The hills out in western NC are insane. No thanks. 🙂

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