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Two-Hundred Twenty Two

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IMG_2180Back on July 29, 2011 I rode 222 miles in a 24-hour period.  It was for a cancer-charity ride.    One of the hardest (and most fulfilling) things I’ve ever done in my life.   It was awesome.  To commemorate that occasion,  I got a tattoo so I can always remember that day.

As sit here at 145 days straight of riding, I looked down at my right calf and saw my tattoo.

I got to thinking…   “Why not shoot for 222 straight days of riding?”     Would make it easy to remember, right?

Now the question would be… do I add 05/02/15 – 12/09/15 to mark the dates?

What do you guys think?


One thought on “Two-Hundred Twenty Two

  1. Do it! I’d like to get one, but I’m too chicken.

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