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“Dammit! The Streak is Over!”


For the past 115 days, I have made it out for a bike ride.   I started a streak that has grown day by day into a triple digit number.

I always knew when I first started that the only thing that could possibly derail me from riding would be one of 2 things:

  1.  I get injured
  2. My BIKE breaks

Well, the 2nd option happened this morning.

I drove into work (into the church parking lot where I park to ride in.)  Upon taking my bike off my bike rack, I loaded up my saddle bags and started riding the short distance into my office.

I could tell right away something wasn’t right.  My back tire was all over the place.  It felt like I didn’t secure the quick release mechanism to keep the back tire in place.    Upon pulling over to examine what was going on, I could feel the rear cassette moving around.   NOT good.

“Damn it!   My streak is over!” I kept muttering to myself as I walked (with my head hung low) back to my car to reattach my bike to the rack and proceed to drive in and park (AND PAY) for the day.

The last time I didn’t ride my bike into work this year was back on March 30th.   Torrential (BIBLICAL) amounts of rain kept me off my bike that day.

So, as I sat in my office PISSED OFF, I googled the symptoms of my bike and it appeared to be an easy fix…  (Easy being relevant….)

So, I stopped by my FAVORITE bike shop on the way home where the bike mechanic diagnosed the issue NOT as a loose cassette (which was my hope)…. I cracked my back axle in half.    That’s a first for me.   I’ve been riding bikes pretty aggressively for close to 42 years and I’ve never done that.

Fortunately, he had a spare rim and axle  in the back.

“The STREAK is NOT dead afterall!!” I said to myself over and over again as my bike was being repaired.

I was anxious to get home and take her out for a  ride.   I’m not lying when I say she rides better now than the day I bought her…(and YES, I treat my bike as a “her” just like guys do with their CARS.)

My GT bike is 22 years old and it runs like a dream.

I got out for a short 6-mile ride that was pure heaven…   I also replaced the ORIGINAL saddle that came with the bike.  It’s like I’m sitting on a pillow now!

So, the streak is alive and well.   116 days.   I’m 25 miles shy of 1,000 miles for the year.   Sure, I’ve had many years with more miles, but I’m happy with my totals.

I’m just happy to have my bike back in TIP-TOP shape.

Life is good!


2 thoughts on ““Dammit! The Streak is Over!”

  1. Your title scared me! It is wonderful that everything worked out okay 🙂

  2. The bike rides better than ever!

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