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Parking Rates Going Up

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When I first started riding into work, back in 2009, parking (in the lot where I parked) was $5/day. Today, as I rode my bike into work, I noticed the fee went up to $7/day (after being $6/day for a few years…)

I just SMILED ear to ear as I rode by that sign. $7 a day? Seriously? That’s $140 a month I’m saving by simply riding my bike (part way) into work.

For $140 a month, that’s my cable bill ($68) plus my water bill ($25) and almost my (average) monthly electric bill.  I never really thought of it that way.

By riding into work, I’m basically getting FREE cable, free water, and free electricity.

I think I’ll keep riding into work.

Let the parking rate keep going UP.

Doesn’t affect me ONE BIT….


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