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99 Days Down


downloadOne more day til I hit 100 days straight on the bike.   To be honest, I didn’t really see this as a HUGE challenge.   The weekends were the toughest for me.   I typically like to relax on the weekends.

Getting out these past 99 days in a row (198 out of 220 days this year) I definitely have cycling ingrained in my daily activities.

I’ve been fortunate that we’ve had a dry summer.  Not good for the trees and plants here, but cycling through downpours has not been an issue for me like it has been in the past.

I remember a few years back riding back to my car (about 15 miles) through thunder and lightning and flooded streets where my feet were UNDER water as I pedaled home.    (One of my BEST memories as a biking commuter…).

So, these past 99 days have been awesome, but also kind of uneventful.   I treat this as a good thing.

Tomorrow I will unceremoniously jump on my bike and tackle day 100, just as I did days 1-99….   easy short ride.


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