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You Can’t “OUT-EXERCISE” A Bad Diet


aa_IMG_4643For years, I tried to OUT-RIDE my bad eating habits.   Not that I eat poorly, I just eat TOO MUCH.   “I’ll just ride an extra 10 miles” was my mantra…

I know I need to eat better.  I know that.  I think I’m well on the way to it.   Thankfully, I love fresh fruits and veggies and salads.   Time to make all these and prep them is something I need to work on, but even that I’m getting better at.

It’s a slow process.

For the past week or so I have really focused on eating more salads (and liking them) and less snacking after dinner.   I feel better and my clothes fit better.   The number on the scale even reflects my efforts.

Now I just need to make this a lifestyle change and not a “3-week” diet plan.

(Pictured is my lunchtime salad I made….)  It was really good.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t “OUT-EXERCISE” A Bad Diet

  1. That is a yummy-looking salad! I also eat more than I should…but maybe because I am a young person I can out-ride my eating habits and I do keep losing weight although very, very slowly. I really should actually work on it though…

  2. I knew the feeling. “I will ride/run a few exra miles to burn it off” is what I tried to convinvce myself when over-eating. I think I need to join you too in this journey of out-riding the bad eating habit 🙂

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