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Through The Years

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IMG_3833Over the last 22 years, I have owned 5 houses (not all at once), but I’ve only had 1 mountain bike. My GT Timberline.

I’ve owned over 7 guitars (and 3 pianos) during these past 22 years, but only 1 mountain bike.

At one time, I had 4 bikes to my name, but the only one I rode on a daily basis was my GT Timberline.

IMG_3847I’ve been through 8 cars these past 2 decades. But only 1 mountain bike.

I’ve put countless miles on this bike. It has been my main source of bike commuting into work these past 7 years.

I do love this bike. It’s beat up beyond being anything of beauty, but to me, I wouldn’t replace it even if I could.

2 summers ago, I road a $5,000 TREK mountain bike as part of a demo tour Trek was doing here at the US Whitewater National Center here in Charlotte. Not gonna lie and say it wasn’t a nice bike, but I would take my GT Timberline any day over that TREK.

IMG_3837This bike is 22 years old. It’s showing it’s age, just as I am, but it rides as good as the day I bought it.

I’m sure I’ll go through a few more houses and cars and guitars in the future here, but I don’t see me ever giving up this GT.


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