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Warm Mornings, Downright STIFLING Afternoons


We are in the thick of it now for sure.   Summer temps not going below 75 degrees here in the morning.   Pleasant, if you’re not riding into work.   I, however, DO ride into work.    75 gets pretty warm pretty darn quick.   I live for OCTOBER morning temps of 52-55 degrees.   Perfect riding weather.

humantorch-newAnd when I leave work?  I feel like the Human Torch from the Fantastic 4. Downright HOT…   really hot.   104-109 degrees.

Still I ride.   74 days straight.   100 is closing in on me.   Once I hit 100, I’ll probably see if I can extend it to 150 days.   The only thing that could derail me would be something going wrong with my bike.   I don’t see that happening.


3 thoughts on “Warm Mornings, Downright STIFLING Afternoons

  1. And I think 90 is hot! I am a wimp!

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