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Thick of Summer Here

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Hoo-doggie!  It is HOT out here in these parts these days.   Humidity is sky high and the afternoon temps are flirting right around the 100 degree mark on the ol’ thermometer.

Perfect weather for bike riding….  NOT.

“I’d rather sweat than freeze” always comes to mind on days like this.   My good friend Bill, who I have ridden THOUSANDS of miles with over the years loves to say that…   It’s very true though.   Just not sure I want to sweat AS MUCH AS I AM right now in the afternoons.

Today marks day #69 of consecutive rides.   No end in sight.  Shooting for 100 days and then I’ll set a new goal.

This weekend I’m going over to an old Elementary school friend of mine.   We’ve been friends for close to 40 years.   Gonna hang out with him and enjoy some ICE COLD beers to combat the DESERT like weather we’ve been having.   Oh, and of course I’ll sneak in a bike ride before the drinking commences.  🙂


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