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Relaxing by Riding

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I’m on vacation.  Loving it.  Spending time with my two kids is just awesome.   We went out of state to visit family and had a great time.   Today we’re off to the local amusent park/water park for some more fun.   Tomorrow we’re doing a trip out to “Sliding Rock.”

I have also been relaxing by riding every day.   EVERY day.   60 days straight as of today.

No end of the streak is in sight.   Getting out yesterday on the bike was a challenge, as we had an 8-hour drive back home to NC.  I got up early and did a short ride, but a ride, nonetheless.

Weather is stellar back in NC.   Did a nice 6-mile short ride today.

This morning’s ride put me over last year’s total mileage.   Nearing 700 miles here for the year.  Nothing to brag about (I once did 18 weeks in a row of 100+ miles), but I’m enjoying my bike this year.

Here’s to the end of June and start of July.  My plan is to ride everyday in July.   I did in May and June.


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