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This is a repost of a blog entry I wrote back in September of 2012

–  You RIDE more miles in a month than you DRIVE
–  You own more bikes than cars
–  You clean your garage so you can store your bikes in it, but you park your car in the driveway
–  Your T-shirt collection is made up mostly of shirts you’ve gotten from various charity rides
–  Your not sure which is more fun:   Riding or recording the ride and analyzing all your miles in your Excel Spreadsheet
–  When stuck in traffic, you know EVERY side street short-cut to get around it because of all the riding you’ve done in that area
–  You wait months to fix the slow flat on your car, but RUSH to the bike store to replace a slow-leak tube on your bike
–  All the Security Guards where you work know you by name and ask each morning, “How far did you ride in today?”
–  Your neighbors look at you funny if they see you in  non-cycling attire
–  Your garage looks more like a bike shop repair area than a place to park your cars
–  Your neighbors bring over their kids’ bikes (for repair) when you’re in the garage working on your own
–  You can step outside in the morning and gauge the morning temp within 1 or 2 degrees w/o looking at a thermometer
–  You set out all your riding gear (shoes, shirt, gloves, speedometer, lights) the night before, but run around the house in the morning trying to get all your work clothes ready for your panniers
–  You keep a blog and write an entry about “Signs You Might Be A Serious Cyclist”

Did I miss any?



  1. Hilarious post, I tweeted it. My wife and I enjoyed this post because it’s so true! We have been in our current home for 4 years, and this weekend we will finally put our car in the garage for the first time (because we have finally made space for it). But our 8 bikes have been in the garage since day 1 …

  2. You could add 2.. If you have more pics of Bike than of girl friend or wife.. or you have a bucket list of rides to do…

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