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Summer Weather


The dogs days of summer are coming.   This morning was a reminder of that.

I ride in a short distance to work…(drive part way, ride part way)

This morning, it was 73 degrees at 5am.   Warm, even for the Carolinas.

It’s interesting to see and track the morning temps, as I do each year when I ride into work.

Here are the average morning temps I have recorded so far for this year:

Jan:  33 degrees   (Record low was 8 degrees)
Feb:  35 degrees  (Record low was 16 degrees)
Mar:  49 degrees
Apr:   55 degrees
May:  64 degrees
Jun:   68 degrees

BIG difference as each month progresses on here.

Sweated a bit on the ride in this morning.  I’m not against sweating, but I know the afternoon ride home will be even hotter.   The humidity is “thick as pea-soup” here this month.

Thankfully, I’m bald and don’t have to worry about what the weather does to my hair.  🙂

Today is the 38th day in a row I have ridden.  No end in sight.

It’s going to be a good week!


4 thoughts on “Summer Weather

  1. Silly heat, why does summer even have to exist?

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