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I Guess I’m a Badass Then… (Rule #9 Says So)


badassWeather, Schmeather! “It’s only water” is my usual reply to people when they see me coming in from a rainy ride. Cold weather? Yeah, done that too. I’ve ridden to work in 8 degree weather. “It’s only cold when your first start…”

Call me a badass… I’ll ride in ANYTHING!

I did a 222-mile one day ride in 105 degree heat.

“It was a dry heat” as I like to brag when I tell that story… (it was NOT a dry heat! Humid as hell… Heat indexes near 115 degrees…. DANGEROUSLY hot…)

This morning marks 31 days STRAIGHT riding here. Gonna see how long I can go before I miss a day….


4 thoughts on “I Guess I’m a Badass Then… (Rule #9 Says So)

  1. 31 days? That’s awesome, keep at it 🙂
    Rule #9 is basically the only rule I follow, haha. If cars can drive in it, I certainly can bike through it!

    • For soaked this afternoon on the ride home. Felt so good riding in the rain. Tomorrow though I’ll bring my rain gear. Makes it that much more fun.

      • Smart. I really dislike the feel of rain gear (and it makes me sweat) so I only wear it if it is rainy and cold.

      • Not a big fan of it either but I do a short casual ride into work (to save me from paying for parking) so the rain gear serves its purpose.

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