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So, I picked up jogging once again. This is by FAR the best I have ever done with it. I think (actually, I KNOW) it has to do with the running shoes I got. I spent a good amount of money ($135) on these and they are worth every penny.

No knee issues, no shin splints, no foot pain.

And WOW, has running improved my cycling.

This morning, on my ride into work, I was KILLING the hills (upward) without any difficulty. Breathing wasn’t labored and DAMN, did my legs feel strong.

Need to run this afternoon, but I’m thinking of cycling instead… Decisions, decisions…


2 thoughts on “Running

  1. Is it too heavy on your joints if you both cycle and run? Can you please share some tips?

    • My ONLY tip for running is invest in a GOOD (and I mean GOOD) pair of running shoes. Just like your bike, SPEND the money! I went to Run For Your Life store and talked with the people who work there. They watch you run and then recommend a shoe for you.

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