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First 100 Days of 2015

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So, my goal this year is to just be ON the bike more… as in DAYS… So far, so good. Day 100 of 2015 was yesterday. I have been on my bike for 83 of those. I’m happy. I’m enjoying the HELL out of my short rides. My mileage (about 100 -120 miles a month) is just where I want it to be.

The weather is warming up here in the mornings, which will bring about longer commuting rides into work. I think the main area where I have improved has been on the weekends. Just hopping on the bike to run to the store, instead of hopping in the car. The stores are less than 2 miles away. Biking with my saddlebags can achieve the same goal as using my car. At least with the bike I can get some exercise as well.

I’m still jogging every other day. I can already tell how much it’s helping my cycling. I have cyclist’s legs… but they are getting even stronger and more defined with the running I’m doing.

Cardio is good as is life! 🙂

Here’s to the NEXT 100 days of 2015.


One thought on “First 100 Days of 2015

  1. That is awesome, good for you!

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