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A Therapeutic Ride in the Rain

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Ever ride your bike in the rain?   Not a care in the world?   No worries about getting wet?    Gotta tell ya…. it’s a pretty cool thing to do.

This morning, as I geared up (pun intended) to ride my short distance into work, the skies decided to make it interesting for me.   Unbeknownst to Mother Nature, I came prepared.   Water-proof panniers, water-proof cycling jacket, and water-proof pants…    Bring on the rain.

I rode slowly, just taking in the soft sounds of everything going on around me.   Used all 5 senses this morning to get into work.    It’s really fascinating what you can hear when you finally decide to listen.   The smells that only an early morning rainy ride can provide…    You have to try it someday.

I got to work dry and I can mark another day off as “I RODE.”    54 out of 63 days this year.

Go ride in the rain.    I feel like a kid again.


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