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100 Miles For January


I rode into work again this morning. Not far. But I rode in. 28 degrees outside. Temps that low (here in NC) will surely wake you up as you churn your way to work on a bike. I know it did for me this morning.

I had my panniers PACKED with stuff….(lunch, iPad, Laptop, snacks, headphones, etc…) and it really weighed me down to the point that I knew I’d be taking it a bit slower into work. Still beats lugging all that stuff in a backpack. Let the bike carry the weight.

I will hit 100 miles for the month on my ride back to my car this afternoon. I’m pleased with that number… here are my January totals over the years:

2008 236
2009 10
2010 48
2011 87
2012 129
2013 83
2014 19
2015 103


2 thoughts on “100 Miles For January

  1. That is awesome that you have kept track of your mileage over the years, I need to start doing that.

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