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One of my biggest fears as a cyclist is getting hit by a car. Fortunately, in the 46 years I’ve been on the planet I have only been hit 3 times, and each time was very minor. No damage to me, my bike, or the car that hit me.

Still, it’s ALWAYS on my mind every time I hop on my bike.

To assist car drivers in their ability to see me, I have 2 lights on the back of my bike. One blinks the standard red, while the other is actually a headlight lamp I have that blinks. Drivers are so accustomed to seeing red lights that I fear they unintentionally tune out any blinking red lights they see. Not this headlight lamp though. I know that catches them off guard. Hence the reason I have it on there.

My saddlebags both have reflectors sewn into them. One is a large circular white reflector and the other is an oval shaped orange reflector. These are what you see at the end of driveways on country roads. I took the time to sew them into my saddle bags, and I know it aids in my “LUMINOSITY” on the road each morning.

My mountain bike is also decked out in reflective tape. And I mean A LOT of tape. Red and White tape. More of my bike is covered in this than not. Handlebars too. Coming or going, headlights will catch this tape and alert drivers that I’m on the road.

Finally, I have 3 “spoke” lights on my front tire that shine a bright GREEN, BLUE and RED. They rotate colors are when I’m on a dark road, you can’t miss what looks like a traveling Christmas tree going down the road. Morning walkers and joggers usually comment how cool these things look as I approach them from a distance. I agree. They are my favorite lights.

So, can drivers see me? Damn right they can. Here’s to another 46 years of me riding my bike.


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