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Cold Weather

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January is not my favorite month to be on the bike. That’s why, this month, I am keeping my rides EXTREMELY short. If it’s not a short commuter ride into work, it’s a 2-4 mile ride around the town I live in down here in the South.

I am still riding, but I’m not riding to the point where I hate it. Again, my goal this year is to just have more DAYS on the bike. Not necessarily more miles.

I know when March rolls around, my miles will increase.

I usually average about 50 miles on the bike in January. January of last year I rode 20 miles. I’m already ahead of that total and it’s only the 11th.

My goal seems to be working.

It was 21 degrees here this morning. I’m glad it’s the weekend and I’m sitting here at home, sipping coffee and blogging. Tomorrow, I will be on my bike, riding into work.

In January.

In the COLD.

I hate cold weather.


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