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Wind-downs & Ramp-ups…

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I’m down to 1 bike. My favorite one. My work-horse. My GT commuter bike.

I love this bike. I’ve had it over 20 years now. Still rides as good as the day I bought it. Not kidding about that at all.

I still enjoy riding it as much as I did when I first got it.

2014 is winding down and I had a decent year (mileage wise) all things considered.

I would like to ride more in 2015. Not necessarily more miles, but with more frequency.

Nothing clears my head more than a good bike ride. And there are very few BAD bike rides that stick with me. I can clear my head with a short ride better than any relaxing procedure I try at home.

This year I managed about 150 days on the bike. Would like to really ramp that up for next year. My best year was in 2011 when I rode 248 days out of the year. I had 3,700 miles that year.

Need to keep this in mind as 2014 winds down and 2015 ramps up…


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