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500 Rides Into Work

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About 5 years ago, I started riding into work to save a little money… parking is about $6/day where I live. Doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, that’s $30/week…. Multiply that by 46 (I get 6 weeks of vacation a year) and you are now looking at $1,380 a year I can be saving…

Now, I don’t ride in EVERY day, but over the last 5 years I am coming up on 500 days of saving $6/day….


Three GRAND. Yes… that is how much I’ve saved over the last 5 years… Oh, and I’ve also ridden over 3,500 miles into work during that time. Factor in gas… (let’s average $3.20/gallon with a vehicle that gets roughly 21mpg) and I’ve saved an additional $533 in gas….

So, I’m $3,500 richer. (or $3,500 LESS poor). 🙂

This week (Wednesday to be exact) will be ride #500 into work.

Love my morning commute.


One thought on “500 Rides Into Work

  1. Hey Ray,

    More money saved and more calories burned. Sounds good!:-)


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