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How To Save $36

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Ride into work. I’m not talking the WHOLE way. Just enough to NOT have to pay for parking… (Yeah, I’m a cheapskate, I know….) Do the math though… Roughly 225 work days a year (factoring in PTO and paid holidays) times $6 a day for parking. That’s $1,350 you’d be saving. EVERY YEAR! Oh, and you’ll be getting in some decent exercise.

My best year of commuting into work saw me ride in 1,327 miles… I rode 2,200 miles that year. Majority of them to get into work. I felt great. I was in good shape. I was saving a ton of money… I rode in 163 days that year. I could buy a new bike EVERY year just by riding into work. It would be a FREE bike.

The best part of my day is the ride in…. only surpassed by the ride back to my car. What an adrenaline rush.

Give it a try. You’ll save money, feel better, and save on gas $ too.


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