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January is over.   2013 is here and I’ve got miles to ride.   No goals this year.  I mean that.   I’m mixing it up this year.   I’m using my elliptical machine here at the house more.  Lifting weights too.  Pushups galore.   Situps.   You name it.

Cycling wise, I got a new bike yesterday.   GT Timberline…(sound familiar?)  I now own 2 GT Timberlines.

The new one is more of a hybrid then mountain bike.   Gonna try and make  that my new commuter bike.  Transferring all my stuff over to that bike today.   Lights, fenders, water cage, speedometer, etc….

I’m excited to ride again.  I’m glad I basically took the month of January off.  At least from the bike.  I’m at my lightest weight in a while, even w/o the biking.

Can’t wait for the miles to add up.


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