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I did my last ride of the year yesterday.  Nothing stellar.  No records set.  Just another day on the bike.   I really toned down my riding the past 2 months.   I was tired.   REALLY tired.

The break was nice.   Did the trick, as far as giving me a break and letting my body recharge.

What does 2013 hold in store for me?   Group rides.  I want to do more of these.   I think the group dynamic will keep things fresh for me.

I have ridden 11,000 miles on the road where I live.   It’s getting a bit boring.

This will alleviate my focus on knowing where every pot hole in the road is and how to avoid them.

I also have a pipe dream of doing a century ride a month.   That right there will give me 1,200 miles.   Can I pull it off?  I have 30 days every month to pick ONE and use 7 hours of the 24 that day to get it done.   Yeah.  I should be able to.


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