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So, I guess my sabbatical from riding is over.

Mulling over my miles, I settled on reaching a goal of 2,222 miles. Has a nice ring to it. I’m about 55 miles shy of that. I could hit that this week, if I wanted to. I’ll have to map out the weather and see what the cards have in store for me.

Got out yesterday for the first time in almost 2 months on my Cannondale. My baby. Damn, does that bike respond to me. Tight. Fast rides. I haven’t lost a step. Wasn’t even really pushing myself and I ended with a 16.1 avg.

December’s weather has been kind to us this year. Yesterday was a “shorts and shirt” ride. Best kind. Breeze was pleasant. Not too strong.

I did my favorite route. Got to cross my railroad tracks. Missed seeing a train by about 10 mis. I heard it though. Nothing like the sound of a freight train. Very Americana in my opinion.

Here’s to 2,222

I’ll get there.


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