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Woke up to 51 degree weather.   Gorgeous.  

Autumn at it’s finest.  

Bit of  a strong breeze though that seemed to make that 51 feel like 45.   Big difference.

I woke up early and worked out in my garage on one of my exercise equipment pieces.   I need to start mixing things up.    I have the legs of a bodybuilder (or a cyclist, I guess?) with all the cycling I’ve been doing.    But, I have the upper body strength of a 3rd-grade girl.

I think my Autumn and Winter plan will be to workout more and ride less.   Work on my core.   I’m sure more upper body strength and toning will only help my cycling. 

So, I did 10 minutes of my “Cardio Glide” and right now it feels like a Gorilla ripped my arms off.    Reminds me of how weak my legs were 5 years ago when I got back on the bike after an 8-year hiatus.    🙂


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