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This morning, I had one of the best rides into work this year.   It was a crisp 54 degrees outside.   The sky was clear, and the air was dry.   Breath-taking weather to be on a bike.    I only rode in 1.5 miles to work.   Saved $5 in parking by doing so…  

Speaking of short distances, I have numerous coworkers that live 1 to 3 miles from the office, but none of them bike into work.

I think a common misconception about bike commuting is that you’ll end up sweating.   So not the case.   Riding a bike does not mean you have to show up at work like you just ran a marathon.    Some of my best rides (like this morning’s) happened to be my SLOWEST rides.    I wasn’t worried about speed, time, distance, etc…  I just hopped on my bike and rode from point A to point B.  Oh, and by the way, I wore my work clothes this morning as I cycled into the office.   Not a drop of sweat to be found.

I have ridden in much warmer weather and still, no sweating.  

All my coworkers know I ride into work.  I’ve been trying to convince some of them (any of them) as to the benefits of biking to work.    So far, no takers.   I’m fine with that.   I will continue to ride into work.   Especially when I can have another great ride like I did this morning. 

This morning’s ride was the 1st ride of the season where I was actually a bit cold.   A sign that Autumn is on the way.   Last year, I had a KILLER month in October for commuting miles.   I can see that happening again this year.


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