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It’s Friday again.   Thank goodness.   It’s been a busy work week.   Lots going on.   Looking back at my riding log, I didn’t ride into work much this week.   We had 2 days of solid rain to start the week off, but on Wednesday I got in 3 legs of a ride (to work, lunch ride, from work).  Yesterday I just wasn’t “feeling it,” so I drove in.  

Today though, I did my 8-mile (one way) route.   Love that route.  It starts off very easy and very flat.   About 3 miles into it, I hit some great downhills and by then, I’m ramped up.   At the 4-mile spot, I usually pull over at this intersection near some train tracks and laugh at the traffic going by.   Car after car after car.  

The last 4 miles are mostly uphill, on a small incline.  Nothing major.   By then, I’m warmed up enough that I just take the hills as they come.

Lunchtime today will be a 10-mile (easy) ride.   There’s a Greenway uptown here that I can ride on.  No traffic to dodge, and it’s a nice pace.   Gonna be a nice day (weather wise) for that.     On the ride home, I’ll elongate the trip and get another 9.5 miles or so.   Should end with close to 28 miles for the day. 

Here’s to more commuting for next week.   🙂



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