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It’s been quite a LOCKED-DOWN week here in Charlotte, NC.    The DNC is in town and the Police Officers are out in force.   Cops on foot, Cops on horseback, Cops on motorcycles, and Cops on bikes…   Lots and lots of them.

Road closures too numerous to count.  

All in all though, it’s been an easy week.   Of course, I haven’t driven in at all.   My bike and I zigged and zagged around the aforementioned road closures and had a grand old time getting into the office. 

I have tried to get outside each day to experience the city during all the festivities.   Gotta admit:  It’s been very tame.   Not too much foot traffic.   I’ve seen 5 Cops to every 1 “tourist” or city worker.    I think people are staying away from the Queen City here in DROVES.

The only uptick that I have seen is more bikes on the streets.   I think some folks took a page out of my trick book:   Drive part way, and then ride in.  

The only 2 ways to really get around  uptown here is by foot or bike.

I’ll take the bike anyday.  

I’m looking forward to next week.   There’s a break in the weather, and the DNC will be NOWHERE near Charlotte. 



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