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So, today was the first day back to work.  The DNC is in town, and I thought traffic and parking and security were all going to be a nightmare…

TRAFFIC:   I rode in 19 miles (almost from home) and traffic was almost non-existent.  I  think the majority of folks are either taking vacation days for this, or they are working from home.   I had a great ride into work.

PARKING:   Usually, I park my bike right out front on one of the MANY public bike racks.   In talking with one of the Security Guards last week, he made it sound like I wouldn’t be allowed w/in a 1/2 mile of the building on my bike.   I had contingency plans to park far off and use 3 to 4 locks on the bike to secure it.   As I rode into the office today, I got closer and closer to my office.  At each intersection, I was waiting for one of the many police officers to stop me and tell me I couldn’t proceed.    Not the case.   I pulled up right to my normal parking locale and locked the bike up.   I did use 2 locks instead of the normal 1.   I’m going to have more security guarding my bike than ever before.   I know it will be super safe.

SECURITY:   Security is tight and security is in force.  Hundreds of officers from multiple jurisdictions.  Everyone was cordial.  I truly believe that if you treat them with respect, they’ll return the favor.   I chatted it  up with 3 officers today and they were all really really cool.  

So, day 1 is in the books.   2 more to go.  

This afternoon, my biggest challenge will be the weather.   I’ll have to plan my escape here accordingly.  




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