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As you know, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is in town here in Charlotte. I (lucky me) get to work the week IN MY OFFICE, which happens to be smack dab in the middle of all the fun uptown. (Please note, my sarcasm…. it will get thicker as I continue to write here…)

Parking (if you can find it) will be $30/day instead of the $5/day it normally is. Bus routes have been changed to accommodate the amazing DUMBOCRATS invading our city to re-elect BOZO the Clown. Schedules are off, and delays are abounding because of this wonderful party Charlotte is throwing. A party that is trying to show Charlotte as a “BIG-TIME” city. Newsflash…. Charlotte is NOT a “big time” city. I’m glad it’s not. That’s one thing I like about it. Atlanta, New York, Baltimore, DC, Chicago….. those are BIG TIME cities. Charlotte? Nah…

So with parking nonexistent and pricey, and with unreliable bus service, I’m doing what any smart commuter would do: Ditch the buses and ride your bike to work…

Yup… that’s the plan. I’ve got an 18-mile (one way) commute planned. Will take me about 1.25 hours to ride. No parking to worry about. Security will be tight, but as a cyclist (who is heading to work) I should not run into any issues. In theory, I’ll be BLOWING by all the idiot commuters stuck in their cars. Fresh wind in my face, and a plethora of roads at my disposal will make my 36 mile round trip trek to work a true joy tomorrow.

Wed. and Thurs. I plan on doing the same. I will EASILY have over 100 miles on the commuter bike this week. Sweet!

Stay tuned for my tales of the DNC as I try to get my working ass into the office.


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