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No, I’m not talking about the DNC that is happening right here in Charlotte, NC…   I’m talking about actual snakes… the reptilian kind.

I got out yesterday for a nice 17-mile ride on my Cannondale.   I haven’t ridden that bike much since the 24-Hours of Booty charity ride I did back in July of this year.    It felt good to be on my “fast” bike.   Pedaling is effortless and the responsiveness I get from each pedal push is just a pure stroke of mechanical magic.   I do love that bike.

2 things stuck in my brain after doing yesterday’s ride:

1.   DAMN, was it humid yesterday!   At least early on.   VERY muggy.   My riding shirt was drenched, my helmet was dripping sweat with each mile I rode.    And this was at 8am!    The day went on to be even hotter.   Chances of thunderstorms abounded yesterday.  They all seemed to steer clear of my house though.   Still, as if I’m not a sucker for punishment enough, I decided to mow the yard (front and back) after my bike ride.   Made the ride feel like I was riding with air-conditioning strapped to my handlebars.

2.  DEAD SNAKES!   They were everywhere!   I lost count after 20 or so of them.   They littered the sides of the roads I was riding on yesterday.   Big snakes, little snakes, black snakes, green snakes, you name it.   I remember riding last year (around this same time) and having to out maneuver live snakes on the side of the road.  I’m not really a fan of snakes, but they don’t freak me out like they do for most folks.  Still, it was strange to see SO MANY OF THEM dead on the side of the road.

So, today is Labor Day.   Trying to figure out if I’m going to head out for a early morning ride.   With the DNC in town, I know my commuting miles this week will definitely reach over 100 miles, so I don’t “need” the miles.    Maybe I’ll stick my head out the door here and see what the humidity is.   Hopefully I won’t see any dead snakes on my driveway.


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