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It’s been a crazy week here at the house with work and the kids going back to school.  Schedules to adhere to and morning routines to get figure out.  It happens every August.  

The weather has also been unstable.   Chance of rain each day, which always has me second-guessing my route to take into work.   Should I ride in 10 miles?   7 miles?   1.5 miles?   Always a guessing game.  

I haven’t accumulated many miles this week.   I did ride into work all 5 days, so that’s a plus.   $25 saved that would’ve gone to parking.  

I did have my best month (mileage-wise) for commuting.   220 miles into work.   My previous best month was July, where I rode in 141 miles.   Big difference.    I know as September arrives, I’ll be riding even more into work.   Should come close to 250 miles.   My best month EVER was October of 2011.   I had 255 miles that month.   

September will be here tomorrow.  Hard to believe.   The year is moving quickly.   I’m happy the mornings are cooling off.   I really enjoy my morning commute with temps in the 60’s.   Even when they are in the 50’s, it’s enjoyable.   40’s?    Eh…. not so much.  I will ride year round though.


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