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HOLY SHIT is the price of gas going through the roof.    The media is blaming “Hurricane Isaac” for the rise….  I’m calling BULLSHIT on that.  I call it price gouging.    I drove into work yesterday and a station near my house had has for $3.59/gallon.  

As I got closer to the city, I saw $3.80/gall for the average.   

Yesterday afternoon, that SAME station that had gas for $3.80/gallon was now at $3.89 a gallon!!  What the @#$@#$!!!!?  

The station that had it for $3.59 is now at $3.79….   All in a  DAY’S TIME!

Time to REALLY start thinking more about riding in from the house.   This is getting ridiculous.  I’m ready to show the “man” the middle finger here and curb my dependency on oil.

Stay tuned.


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