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It never fails. Every summer, as brutal as they can be down here in the South, the morning temps stop rising and they begin their descent into the Autumnal range. It’s a time of year that I truly, truly love.

All summer long, I would step outside to load my bike into my van, and I would feel the morning heat and humidity. It is a disgusting feeling. The humidity smacks you square in the face and you can “feel” the dampness of the morning on your body. It makes you want to stay in the comfort of your air-conditioned house.

Now, the morning temps are dipping into the 60’s, which is just HEAVEN. The morning rides are so much better and so much more refreshing.

Less sweating and easier breathing. It’s a win, win.

Each evening as well, you can feel the temps dropping as the sun sets. It’s a sign that Autumn is coming. My favorite time of the year. I really like the rides I get in September and October.

My commuting miles in the Autumn really pick up. Like I said, it’s a great time of year to be out on a bike.

Yesterday, at lunch, I got out for a 10-mile ride that was fantastic. The temp was perfect. Didn’t work up any kind of sweat and I enjoyed an easily paced ride. I wasn’t out for a workout. I was out to grab some miles and enjoy the scenery. I was able to accomplish both.

I’m going to go out today at lunch time for another ride. There’s a great paved trail right uptown here that I can easily jump on and grab some miles.

I’m sure that soon enough I’ll be complaining about the cold weather, but for now, I’m glad it’s starting to show up.


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