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This morning, I used 3 modes of transportation to get into work.   I drove part way, jumped on my bike and rode to the bus stop, where I am able to place my bike on racks installed on all the CATS buses here in Charlotte.   It is a very handy way to get into work and it’s pretty cheap to do.

While I’d love to ride all the way into work (it’s only 24 miles), the roads for the 1st seven miles are not ideal.   So, I drive in about 7 miles.   From there I ride the remaining 5 miles to the bus stop.     Once I’m on the bus, I take it into town, but not all the way in.   I usually jump off the bus about 3 miles from Uptown.   I really do love riding through the Elizabeth section of Charlotte here.   So many old houses with KILLER front porches along tree-lined streets.   I can’t pass up those rides, especially now that the weather is starting to finally cool down.  

In the afternoon, I typically skip the bus altogether and ride the 18 miles back to my car.    I could take the bus, but I can ride the same distance in the same amount of time it takes for the bus to make the trip.   I’m saving money, I’m getting a GREAT workout, and I’m ONE LESS CAR on the road.   I’m not turning into an environmentalist (or a “greenie”), but the more I cycle, the more I think about stuff like that.   If I factor in the wear and tear I’m saving on the car, it’s a no-brainer that it’s a great idea to take the bike/bus into work.

I’m nearing 1,000 miles for commuting this year, and it’s only August.    Last year, I rode 1,220 miles into work.    I’m gonna shatter that record this year.   I should hit the 1,000 mile mark by next Friday, if I keep up this multi-modal approach to my trek into work.



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