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As I sit here recovering from some oral surgery, I took a trip down memory lane yesterday and read some of my old blog posts from last year. I started with my August 2011 archive. That’s when I really ramped up my commuting miles. It’s kinda funny to see that I was calling the morning temps of 61-66 ‘chilly’ back then.

I’d KILL to have morning temps like that right now. Right now, morning temps are still in the low 70’s. It’s also been VERY humid here the past 3 weeks. Not ideal weather, but I still rode in.

As I moved on to my October and November archives, it did indeed start to get cold in the mornings. Afternoons were gorgeous, but LAYERS play an important part of October and November morning rides.

I know now that as long as the morning temps are 50 degrees or higher, I can still get away with wearing sandals for footwear. Shorts too. I don’t switch to long pants until it’s 46 degrees or lower.

As far as shirts and jackets are concerned, I play it by ear and make sure I have more layers than I probably need handy in my rear panniers. My rule of thumb is that the 1st 10 mins of my ride in should be chilly. Not freezing, but chilly. My body will warm up as I get closer to my office.

So, right now, I’m hoping for cooler weather. Once that hits, I’m sure I’ll be clamoring for the days when I can just throw on some shorts and a shirt and ride in. I’m just happy that I am indeed a YEAR ROUND commuter. No weather (other than hurricanes) is going to keep me off my bike.

I’ve learned a ton of tips and tricks since becoming a “tried and true” commuter. I do a ton of reading online about commuting that has helped me out immensely. I have also learned a ton from trial and error. Not too much error, thankfully.

It’s a rainy Sunday morning here. I’m resting up and trying to ignore the pain my mouth and jaw is experiencing right now. Morning coffee is in hand and I’m surfing all my ‘bike commuting’ blogs I’ve found over the year. There are some really great writers that like to share their wisdom. I can’t read enough of these blogs. They give me the inspiration to continue not only riding into work, but to keep writing my own blog.

No riding today, even if the weather was cooperating. I will be working on my commuter bike though. My front derailleur gear shifter broke. I’m going to swap out the gear shifter from my other GT Hybrid bike to my commuter GT bike. I’ve been meaning to get my commuter ride into the shop for a tune up. Not this week though. The work I do today will suffice for the time being.


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