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I ride my bike to work… I'm a bike commuter


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That’s how far away I live from the bus station I could use to get into work.   I’m VERY fortunate to live in an area where I can just throw my bike on the bus (front loading bike racks on the bus that accommodate 2 bikes) and take the bus into the city.   I usually end up jumping off the bus 2 or 3 miles out and finish up the commute by riding right up to my building, where I can SAFELY lock my bike up to public bike racks.   (Another PERK to living where I do)

For weeks now, I have been planning on riding FROM home TO the bus.   That trip has yet to materialize itself, and I’m not sure why.

There have been evenings where I’m totally stoked to do the commute in.   Then, the next morning, something happens, usually time-related, that squashes my plans.

Mileage-wise I could do the ride in my sleep.  It’s only 12 miles.   I rode 222 miles in 1 day last year for the Annual 24 Hours of Booty event, here in Charlotte, NC.   This year, I rode 150 miles in the same event.   I’m not worried about the miles.

Safety-wise, I’m not even worried about that.  I’m a very ALERT rider.   I like to think I have that “sixth sense” when riding.   That, and my bike has enough lights and reflectors to be visible from Space.

I think it’s the time issue.   12 miles (on my converted mountain/hybrid bike) would take me a little less than 1 hour.   I have ridden 24 hours before, so I’m not worried about “can I ride for an hour?”   It’s the fact that I’m usually IN my office by 6:30am.   To get up early enough to ride 1 hour to bus stop, for a 30 minute bus ride would mean I’d have to leave the house by 4:45am.   I like to get up early enough to slowly get ready for the day.  That would mean I’d have to get up at 4am to do this.

See my previous post about “With Age Comes Wisdom.”   It’s getting harder and harder for me to get up early, let alone early enough to get up and out the door for a 1-hour ride.

I try to get about 7 hours of sleep a night.   Getting up at 4am isn’t the problem.  It’s getting to bed at 9pm that is.    Family stuff usually keeps me up til 9:30 – 10pm or so.

I do want to do this though, so here’s hoping that Monday will be the start of my 12-mile ride.

One source of motivation for me here is the rising cost of gas….   We are at $3.69/gallon here.

If I drove all the way in, and had to pay for parking (a reasonable $5/day), my daily commuting cost would be $12.52 a day.

Now, if I RODE to the bus,  and utilized that form of transportation, my daily commuting cost would be $3.20 a day.   I would be saving $9.22 a day.   That’s $46 a week, $184 a month, and over $2,000 a year.   It adds up.

Now, if gas goes higher, you can re-adjust those numbers accordingly.   The bus?   That will still be $3.20/day.

And the exercise I’d be getting would be priceless.   I’m in really great shape right now.   If I up my miles, I’ll be in even better shape.  I don’t even belong to a gym.   I joke with my wife that “I don’t even exercise…. I just commute.”

Here’s to a hopeful Monday commute.


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