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Coffee FilterWoke up this morning to make a pot of coffee as I was preparing to check my email and just veg in front of the computer for an hour….

NO COFFEE FILTERS in the house.

I’m surprised you guys didn’t hear me yelling, “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” from where you were.

I searched hi and low in the kitchen, the pantry, even in the storage closet for a SINGLE coffee filter.

I even entertained the idea of just eating the coffee grinds.

So, with an inevitable trip now necessary to the local grocery store, I thought to myself, “Now would be the perfect time to ditch the car and just ride my bike up there.”   I have panniers to hold the coffee filters, and I was planning on heading there anyway to get the Sunday paper.

So, off I went.  The route was easy, even though the beginning of the ride is a bit uphill.

I took it at an easy pace, and just enjoyed the quiet morning ride.   Made it there w/o any issues.   Got my stuff and headed back.  Panniers are the best invention EVER for a bike.   Let the bike carry the load.

I’m not a “greenie” or an “environmentalist” by any means, but I gotta tell ya, it felt good not using my car do to what was doable via bike.

Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, I’m going to leave the car/van home and ride to the bus stop.   NO GAS tomorrow!   🙂


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