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It’s been a light week on the bike here.  Not many miles.  I’ve enjoyed the “break” and the few miles I have ridden have been fantastic.   I love riding for “transportation” instead of riding for “exercise.”   When I ride to get from point A to point B, my focus is much more relaxed.  I really do enjoy each pedal turn I take to get to my destination.

My body is getting the rest it needs, and my mind is enjoying the time off too.   But I think I’m getting ready to ramp up my mileage. 

I’ve been mapping out some options for my morning commute into work.  I REALLY (REALLY) want to ditch my van altogether.   By that, I mean LEAVE IT AT HOME.   I can ride to the bus.  It’s only 12 miles (each way).   On my mountain bike, that’s less than 1 hour to get there.   I’m not worried about the time it takes.  It’s better than a gym membership. 

I think tomorrow I’m going to give the “ride from home” a chance.   I know I can do the miles.   Traffic will be light at the time of day I’ll be leaving.  Lord knows I have enough lights on my bike to be seen.   I’m not worried about that.  There’s really no drawback (other than time, but again, I don’t have to join a gym) so we’ll see how it goes.


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