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In three days, I’ll be participating in my 3rd 24 Hours of Booty Event.   A 24-hour bike ride to benefit Cancer research here in the Carolinas.   Great event.

Back in 2008, I rode 201.92 miles in that 24 hour period.   Had a great time.   Felt pretty good afterwards.

Last  year, I rode 222 miles.   It was probably the most physically challenging thing I’ve ever done.   So many times I just wanted to stop.   I wanted to get off the bike.  I wanted to be enjoying the comfort of my own house.  

I kept going though.  

Temps that day were downright dangerous.   101 degrees with heat indexes near 115 degrees.  

I got done and just mentally and physically collapsed.   I lost 14 lbs on that ride.   I drank SO MUCH water that I thought I was over-hydrating.  I couldn’t cool down.  Couldn’t quench my thirst.

I felt like I was going to puke as I rode the last 50 miles on the bike.

I didn’t though, and I finished the ride at 7pm, along with my cycling neighbor, Bill.   (He rode an impressive 253 miles!) 

So, in three days, it will be deja vu all over again.

My plan?  

Just ride my damn bike.   No goals, except that I am going to try to ride as MANY hours as I can.   I won’t be riding fast, but I’ll be ON the bike.

Can I beat my 222 miles?   Maybe.

Do I care?   No.

I’m out there to raise some money, have fun, and chat with other cyclists.  

I can’t wait!


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