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When you think about habits you have, you typically lean toward stating the “bad” habits.   It’s an inherant instinct on most folks’ part.  (I know my wife could add a few items to my list of “bad” habits, but that’s not what this entry is about.)

Here’s a spin on it though:   List some of your POSITIVE habits…   We all have them.   You can probably list at least 3 right off the top of your head.   Here’s my take on some GOOD habits I’ve got:

1.  I exercise daily (and truly enjoy the exercise)

2.  I try to eat well and succeed most days.   (There’s always room for improvement here)

3.  I’m competent at my job and always strive to go above and beyond what is expected of me.

I’m sure I could come up with a much longer list, which I’m sure I’ll do on my own.   Think about your POSITIVE habits.   Whenever you’re having a bad day or you’re feeling down, don’t beat yourself up.   Pull out that list of good  habits.   They can brighten up your day.


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