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Ride It BackwardsThis past weekend, I got a chance on Sunday to go out for a nice ride.   As I started to gather my riding gear, I tried to figure out “where” I wanted to ride.    I’ve pretty much exhausted all the routes out my way.   My neighbor (Bill) and I joke that we could easily ride these roads with our eyes closed.   Over the past 5 years, I’ve accumulated close to 10,000 miles on the roads where I live. 

So, trying to find an enjoyable “new” route is very challenging.

As I pondered my options, I finally decided I would ride my favorite route.   It’s a nice 16-20 mile ride, depending on which side roads I choose to take.  

One twist though:   I rode the route backwards.  

It was fantastic.   As I know this route inside and out, it was fun to ride it the opposite way.   Uphills at the end of the route were now downhills at the beginning.  Straightaways were still straightaways, but the ride kept my interest.   Where I’m usually “out of gas” on this normal ride, I had full energy.   It was kinda cool to see my favorite route in a completely different light.

I may have to start doing this with my other routes.

Ride it backwards….


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