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I’ve had a pretty good week on the bike(s) so far. I’m chasing down 100 miles for the week here. If I can get out EARLY tomorrow morning, I’ve got it in the bag.

The HEAT here in the Carolinas these past 2 weeks makes any kind of riding very challenging. Searing temps of 100 to 105 are a daily occurrence here. Not fun being on a bike in those temps.

Mornings have become an attractive option for getting my miles in. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Sunday morning was a FANTASTIC outing. I started out PURPOSELY slow. I basically rode at a speed where I wouldn’t sweat. I tried to enjoy the roads, the sounds, the smells, etc. It was a great experience. I ended up riding a leisurely 23 miles. If I can do that this Saturday, I can hit my 100 miles.

Today I parked at my 7-mile out spot. I rode in the rest of the way. Easy ride and cool temps. By the time I leave here this afternoon though, it will be over 100 degrees. I will need to find some shade and just take it slow.

I can do that….


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